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What should I consider when choosing a copier company?

Price and features are important considerations, but how well do you know the company you are entrusting your office’s productivity to for the next 3 to 5 years?

  • Are they locally owned and operated to ensure the highest standards?
  • Are Service Technicians factory trained and dispatched locally (or are you calling an 800 number)?
  • How long have they been is business?
  • Ask for a demonstration at their showroom and a tour of their facility.
    • Are parts and supplies on hand in the event your copier goes down?
    • Stop by and meet their team before committing to a long-term contract.
  • Ask for references!
Are you the BEST copier dealship?

We certainly think so!

What makes ABC different from a national chain... such as IKON, Xerox, or Konica Minolta.. is the fact that we are a locally owned, INDEPENDENT deal.  We will help you determine the most effective, cost efficient office equipment to meet your needs.  Our Canon and Ricoh products lines are the industry leaders. 

So call us today to upgrade from your existing Mita, Kyocera, Lanier, Toshiba or Savin copiers.  You can drive the best for less!     
Does ABC call to see what type of machines we have?

Absolutely not. Toner Pirates (as we call them) call hundreds or thousands of businesses a day hoping to find out what type of machines are being used. If you provide this information, you will then receive a package in the mail of toner and an invoice (usually at very high prices!).

Don’t be fooled! If you have a maintenance program with ABC, toner is usually provided free of charge. Plus, we already know about your machine since we service it. If you are ever suspicious about a caller, hang up and call ABC before answering any questions.